What do we believe? Why are we here?


What do we believe?

We may be just a group of ordinary people, but we believe in an extraordinary God.

We believe the Bible is God’s revealed word, totally relevant for living in a modern world. What’s more, we believe that Jesus Christ, God’s Son, is the Saviour of the world. And we believe that the Holy Spirit is active today. Our faith is based on recognising that all of us are in need of God’s forgiveness and that he gives that forgiveness through faith in Jesus Christ.

We also recognise that we are part of the wider Christian family. We are members of the Yorkshire Baptist Association, the Baptist Union of Great Britain and the Evangelical Alliance.

Our covenant-poster sets out how we view our commitment to one another.

Why are we here?

We want to help people come to know a living relationship with Jesus Christ, and to help them to live out their life in that relationship, in freedom and joy. Sometimes life can be hard, we know that – and most of us have experienced tough times. Nevertheless, God is able to work in and through us, no matter who we are, no matter what we’ve done. We believe our purpose is to do the following:

  • To encourage and help people to believe in Jesus Christ and commit themselves to a life of apprenticeship in accordance with the Bible;
  • To equip people to serve the Lord Jesus in all areas of their lives both inside and outside of the church;
  • To enable change in our community as people engage outside the church as the Holy Spirit enables them.

This purpose extends to all age groups in our church and community – it is truly multi-generational.