Prayer Resources

Prayer has often been misunderstood to be simply an activity where we are encouraged to close our eyes and put our hands together, shutting out distractions around us and “saying prayers‟. Although this is one aspect of prayer there are many more ways in which we can communicate with Father God and present ourselves to Him.

We have a series of prayer resources available for you to download. This is simply a collection of different ideas we would encourage you to try as you pray. Please feel free to use whichever activities feel helpful. They do not have to be used in any particular order and you may find your own way to vary the exercises in order to be more relevant in your own situation.

Week 1 Taking the mystery out of prayer. Download pdf

Week 2 Who do you think you are talking to? Download pdf

Week 3 Why does God listen to me? Download pdf

Week 4 I need help! Download pdf

Week 5 Touching heaven, changing earth. Download pdf

Week 6 When heaven is silent Download pdf

Week 7 We’re all in this together Download pdf