Beyond Oakes

36668723_sThe Oakes community is obviously just one part of a worldwide Christian family.

We believe that God is concerned about our area, our town, our nation and the wider world. That’s why we maintain close links with various local, regional, national and international organizations.



It is possible for a church to focus on its own people, to the exclusion of others. However at Oakes we recognise that we are part of the wider Christian family. We are members of the Yorkshire Baptist Association , the Baptist Union of Great Britain and the Evangelical Alliance.

We are also part of Churches Together in North West Huddersfield, which includes

Lindley Methodist Church Mount Methodist Church
St Philip’s Church, Birchencliffe St Stephen’s Church, Lindley
Salendine Nook Baptist Church



As a Christian church, we maintain links with the wider world in a number of ways:

As part of the Baptist family we support Home Mission and the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS). One of our young people, Hannah Pickering, served on a BMS Action Team in the Lebanon (pictured).

We also support BMS through link workers Arthur and Louise Brown serving in Beirut, as well as a worker in North Africa.

We actively support a number of Christian charities, including Tear Fund and the Christian African Relief Trust, a local charity helping to ease poverty and suffering in a number of African states.